Materialistic Viewpoint of Modern Society

Materialistic Viewpoint of Modern Society

With the hiding of the true principle, humanity fell into the dimension of animals. Its knowledge and skills were those of survival. A competitive society was created, in which one had to fight to survive, and it was natural for the strong to devour the weak.

This is still our society today. Using one’s intellect to have an edge is exactly the same thing as physical fighting. Human interest has been redirected and human knowledge shaped for this direction. Human activity has followed. That is the only way to change the civilization.

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Humanity was separated into nations; each group try to make the best possible society for themselves by destroying whatever stood in the way. The killing of one’s enemies has never brought Security to anyone. It’s simply does not work, and it has become madness to think it does.

Materialistic outlook cannot make people understand the real, inner sense of the final truth – the pure essence of the self as life. The scientific viewpoint is limited to an intellectual understanding. It sees truth from the outside. Everyone can agree about the external appearance of phenomena, but that does not give us their inner sense.

Scientific truth can convince anyone. Most people agree on the theory of black holes in space, for example, but no one understands their nature. We cannot enter there. The black hole is the source from which springs our life-will, the creator of space and time. We can look at it from the outside, but we cannot see into its center.

It is our poor self; the source of human life is inside a black hole. As long as we look at it from the outside, we have only a relative you of it. To know it as our self, we must go into the black hole that is inside of us.

The Source of the Present Civilization (pages 224-226), 1990.


One Source

One Source

What these ancient people could grasp was that the total action of the life of the universe, and that of human life have one source.

It was with this understanding that the human beings of the ancient times created a civilization. All over the world, that time has been preserved in symbolic form through myths, prophecies, philosophies, religions, etc. The original principles of natural therapy, as found in the old documents, are part of this legacy. They are the most important documents to guide, modern civilization back to the way of truth.

In the ancient documents, the manner and terminology of the text are far from scientific, so a literal translation would be incomprehensible to the modern mind. To explain their contents, therefore, I shall borrow from the language of science, in order to translate their meaning.

All universal life and its physical manifestation are from one source. Its activity constantly changes, but it can never be made less; the sum total of life energy remains permanently unchanged.

The Real Sense of Natural Therapy (page 17), 1992. 

Two Viewpoints of Humanity

Two Viewpoints of Humanity

The physical and spiritual senses give us two opposite ways of grasping phenomena. The memory of these experiences creates two different forms of knowledge. The only way to reconcile both viewpoints is to recognize that they are the front and back of the same activity. As long as the unifying principle of Futonolito remains hidden, mankind can only steer from one to the other until both have reached completion.

Their conflict goes on at every second, in each and everyone of us. One moment, we act according to materialistic considerations, and the next, according to our spiritual aspirations. We see the same phenomenon from different angles, without ever recognizing it.

In the process, mankind suffers and struggles through an awful confusion.The Kototama Principal can show up clearly this hopeless process. The apparent contradictions in which we live are only a priori energies, expressed through various human capacities. Every one of our desires and feelings, from the most basic need to the very desire of seeking our own source, is the expression of the life rhythms.

These rhythms cannot be grasped by the objective, scientific viewpoint and yet, when an individual is perfectly aligned with his own source, the sounds he speaks are the true language, the exact rhythms of his life activity.

We are not aware of it, but the a priori rhythms are expressed in a posteriori, in different orders. Each of these orders manifests a different capacity, and a different level of consciousness. I have explained several times in this book the contents of the Kanagi [physical/material] and Sugaso [spiritual] principles. It should be enough to give the order of the mother dimensions: if we realized the source of our own life, both expressions would become perfectly obvious.

The Source of the Old and New Testament  1990 (pgs 189-190)

Acceptance for a Perfectly Peaceful Mind

Acceptance for a Perfectly Peaceful Mind

Looking back, the first fifty years of my life were like a spiritual odyssey which had finally brought me to the country of the Bluebird [heaven-country]. With my understanding of the Kototama, my view of life turned around 180 degrees. What I had grasped up to this time, that which had seems so meaningful to me, I now saw as very small and insignificant. I saw that what I valued was also the cause of my confusion because because I was operating in a world that was only relative. From that moment, my Budo under went great changes. The practice of overcoming physical and spiritual obstacles changed to one of acceptance toward all kinds of difficulties.

This is no easier than the other way; in fact, it is a much more difficult practice. To accept, one must stand outside of this finite world or there can be no acceptance of it. With the Kototama as a mirror, one can see where spiritual and physical difficulties are being created. Why would one wish to conquer these difficulties? The relationship of one’s lower dimensions to a “fighting mind” can be seen at those times. If the origin of difficulties and the source of this “fighting mind” can be seen, and we can accept these things as natural, then we can stand away from them with a perfectly peaceful mind.


My Past Way of Budo (page 4) -M.M. Nakazono

I Am

I Am

The human being’s recognition of himself as I Am can be grasped either by facing the scientific universe or by facing spritual universal phenomena — the contents of self that exist in Naka-Ima [here-now’. It is I Am, facing the total contents of the phenomena as self.

When a posteriori self faces universal phenomena, the manifestation is in the opposite order of our own manifestation of the Kototama Principle. The subjective self faces the phenomenal self as a mirror image.

“Our ancestors grasped the complete order of the manifestation of human life as: a priori, to actual existence of self, to a posterior universal phenomenon, to a priori. This is the complete cycle of universal manifestation.

– O Sensei M. M. Nakazono 

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First be clear, who is I AM, and once you’ve got it, don’t lose it. Be careful because it also can be dangerous. “I believe that I’m alone in the world and I must show others the way.” How strong I have been in my resolve yet I could be reduced to this! When you travel the way of truth, you must be strong and not lose yourself in phenomenal changes.

We are completely separated from the natural world rather than living in harmony with it. This is our mission as human beings, the synchronization of our society. Who can understand the way of truth? We must go on. Only in the civilization are we so allienated from nature; since we started building houses instead resting on the Earth. No other dimensions world is so separated as ours; all the others live in peaceful harmony.

We made a special place apart for ourselves. It’s not the way! We think in our O dimesnion that we can live on earth, and ignore it; that everything else can be sacrificed to us to make our lives perfect. Nonsense!

Once you’re interested in the Kototama Principle, you’ve taken one part of the mission for the purification of the world. You need to have pure confidence and belief in the human substance; not in A dimension.

My Past Way of Budo (page 43) 1978.

Inner Search

Inner Search

The real meaning for the search for the Kototama Principle is the search for the substance of the self. We should, therefore, follow the order of our ancestors’ way of teaching and seriously concentrate on completing the search of the inner self.

We should proceed step by step, to clear up the dust…. and correct our mistakes. We cannot otherwise improve our inner dimension, rising to a higher step of inner capacity.

-Inochi, 1984.

About Power

About Power

There are many of us who question and search, trying somehow to resolve our inner feelings of chaos. You study different philosophies and religions, turning to art, spiritual exercises, prayer and meditation. Sometimes do you think you have it all finally figured out, but then the answers don’t stick. The deeper you go, the more difficult the questions become. The intellectual approach doesn’t resolve anything satisfactorily. You need to find an answer that is complete and final, which puts all the chaos into some kind of order, so you find a teacher, join a class and it feels like the right way to go. Maybe it’s Kototama, Zen, or something else. You spend some time seriously practicing and find yourself expecting immediate enlightenment or the mastery of some special power. This is a mistake. There is a general misunderstanding about exactly this, especially among young people.

No one receives instant enlightenment or power, no matter how serious they are. Some historical records might give this impression, but it just isn’t so. If something like that did happen to you, it would be very dangerous. You shouldn’t expect it.

If we could understand I AM, what it is to be a human being, the manifestation itself of the total universe, it would really be the greatest enlightenment. Nothing can be bigger than the totality; no more magnificent or beautiful.

My Past Way of Budo (M.M. Nakazono,1978)

What is the Kototama Principle?

What is the Kototama Principle?

“The principle of Kototama is the principle of the human life dimension, and the highest human truth. This principle belongs to all human beings; every human has the same capacity.” (The Source of the Present Civilization, 1990).

“It was the Kototama Principle that finally game me the perfect answer. It was the principle of the Messiah; without it, Jesus and Buddha would have been only normal men. The esteem the world holds for them is finally directed to the principle they had within themselves. Their understanding made them who they were, so the reality of Messiah lies within that principle. It’s been hidden in the dogma and symbolism of the worlds’ philosophies, religions and mythologies. When we understand the Kototama we can see that the words and teachings of the great saints were all expressions of this principle.” (My Past Way of Budo, 1978).

“Instead of looking outward at the objects surrounding him, the researcher must look within. He must study his own existence, his own capacities, the very cause of his desire to search. The Kototama Principle is the content of the subject of the universe– it is the source of the subjective capacities of human beings.” (The Source of the Present Civilization, 1990.)

“We can only grasp the final reality of life inside ourselves, by becoming conscious of our own inner sense and of the way in which it synchronizes with the the rhythms of phenomena.”  (The Source of the Present Civilization, 1990.)

Note: O Sensei M.M. Nakazono taught Kototama sound practice as an invaluable method to purify, study, and reflect on one’s own life substance, and place in creation. He designed the Kototama Sound Practice Card, along with practice instructions, for the benefit of those who wish to study and practice the Kototama for themselves.

At his request, these cards are given to each person who receives one of his books. They are also offered on our website here. Inquire about a student practice audio.

We Can Create the Perfect Civilization

We Can Create the Perfect Civilization

The content of our modern knowledge is completely confused. No aspect of society is left intact. Our civilization is rushing along a road that leads to greater and greater sacrifice. If nothing diverts us, we will not stop until all life on the surface of the earth is extinct. It is not enough to try to correct some of the mistakes. The whole outlook of society must be changed.

The only way to reverse the present current is to purify the content of human knowledge. To achieve this, 144,000 people at least, the world over, must study the Kototama Principle. They must grasp it completely and wake up the eye of their inner sources. From this viewpoint, they can reach an absolute confidence in the capacity of humanity as the subject, the creator of the universe.

We created the way of sacrifice, we can also create the perfect civilization.

The Source of the Present Civilization, 1990