The Source of the New and Old Testaments

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Through his lifetime study of ancient scriptures, using the lens of the Kototama Principle, O Sensei Nakazono brings clarity to the many hidden meanings of stories left to humanity in the scriptures of the Bible. His insightful viewpoint reveals the depth and symbolism of sacred stories and teachings left throughout human history, offering an invaluable meta-view with which to understand humanity’s course throughout history and into future generations. See Description below for more information.

"The Bible is one of the most important books of our human legacy. It's real content, if it is read through the Kototama Principle, shows us the way back to the source of our life." (M.M. Nakazono. Inochi- The Book of Life,1974)

The Old and New Testaments of the Bible are examined through the viewpoint of Kototama, the ancient principle of sound and meaning. O Sensei explains deeper meanings of the stories preserved and handed down through history. "What does 'God' actually mean?" And, “In the beginning there was the Word?" O Sensei helps clarify the underlying meaning within the symbolic language used in the scriptures. ISBN 978-0-9716674-4-0.