“The principle of Kototama is the principle of the human life dimension, and the highest human truth. This principle belongs to all human beings; every human has the same capacity.” (The Source of the Present Civilization, 1990.)

“It was the Kototama Principle that finally game me the perfect answer. It was the principle of the Messiah; without it, Jesus and Buddha would have been only normal men. The esteem the world holds for them is finally directed to the principle they had within themselves. Their understanding made them who they were, so the reality of Messiah lies within that principle. It’s been hidden in the dogma and symbolism of the worlds’ philosophies, religions and mythologies. When we understand the Kototama we can see that the words and teachings of the great saints were all expressions of this principle.” (My Past Way of Budo, 1978).

“Instead of looking outward at the objects surrounding him, the researcher must look within. He must study his own existence, his own capacities, the very cause of his desire to search. The Kototama Principle is the content of the subject of the universe– it is the source of the subjective capacities of human beings.” (The Source of the Present Civilization, 1990.)

“We can only grasp the final reality of life inside ourselves, by becoming conscious of our own inner sense and of the way in which it synchronizes with the the rhythms of phenomena.” (The Source of the Present Civilization, 1990.)

Note: O Sensei M.M. Nakazono taught Kototama sound practice as an invaluable method to purify, study, and reflect on one’s own life substance, and place in creation. He designed the Kototama Sound Practice Card, along with practice instructions, for the benefit of those who wish to study and practice the Kototama for themselves.

At his request, these cards are given to customers when purchasing his books. They are also offered at cost on the Kototama Books website here. Future printings of each book will include a copy of this card within the pages of the text.