The Real Sense of Natural Medicine

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(New, reduced price for 2021!) Dr. M.M. Nakazono  explains his application of the ancient Kototama Principle to Asian natural healing therapies. This book includes many of his healing methods, including self-work (Do-In), with photos, his dietary therapy for restoring vitality, and many of his other methods for restoring oneself to health. Written for public and practitioners alike. See Description below for more information.

(1992, rev. 2001) Р71 pages. Sound charts included within text.  

Mikototo Masahilo Nakazono (1918 - 1994).

Dr. M. M. Nakazono, renowned master healer, teacher, and Doctor of Oriental Medicine, transformed the ancient Asian healing methods to align with the Kototama Principle, a far older tradition concerning the original sound vibrations of creation. A student of Sakai Sensei, a master of spiritual energy healing, O Sensei also studied with Sensei Oshawa, and was in charge of his macrobiotic healing hospital in India. Upon refining these and his own methods, O Sensei achieved a 99% cure rate for his patients. He also developed and taught a comprehensive way of natural diet to live by, as both a preventive and curative therapy, that takes into account an individual's own needs based on many factors. O Sensei taught his powerful method, founding schools in Paris, France, and Santa Fe, New Mexico (USA). He also inspired the first Acupuncture practice act in the US, for the benefit and protection of both patients and practitioners of Oriental medicine, and earned the title of "Living Treasure" in Santa Fe in 1984. ISBN 0-9716674-3-8.