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We Can Create the Perfect Civilization

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The content of our modern knowledge is completely confused. No aspect of society is left intact. Our civilization is rushing along a road that leads to greater and greater sacrifice. If nothing diverts us, we will not stop until all life on the surface of the earth is extinct. It is not enough to try to correct some of the mistakes. The whole outlook of society must be changed.

The only way to reverse the present current is to purify the content of human knowledge. To achieve this, 144,000 people at least, the world over, must study the Kototama Principle. They must grasp it completely and wake up the eye of their inner sources. From this viewpoint, they can reach an absolute confidence in the capacity of humanity as the subject, the creator of the universe.

We created the way of sacrifice, we can also create the perfect civilization.

The Source of the Present Civilization, 1990


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