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The Kototama Principle was perfected many ages ago by our human ancestors. It is the principle of human life in its totality, the principle that governs the life of the universe. It is the law of the operation of human capacity, its derivation, manifestation, and action. (Mikoto Masahilo Nakazono, Inochi. 1984​.)

“The real meaning of the search

for the Kototama Principle 

is the search for the

   substance of the self.”

-M. M. Nakazono

 Jizo Bosatsu Shrine

 Kototama Institute, Santa Fe, NM (1985)

The Kototama Principle

Generations of masters, including Senseis Uyeshiba, Ogasawara, and Yamakoshi, and now, O Sensei M.M. Nakazono, have set before us the way to acquire a profound understanding of life through the clarifying viewpoint of the Kototama Principle, the original sound rhythm vibrations at the source of all phenomena.

Dedicating his life’s work to pursuing the way to the final truth, O Sensei painstakingly applied this understanding to refine Aikido and traditional Asian medical therapies, teaching thousands in countries across the world. 

From this place of deep realization, O Sensei offers his wisdom and guidance on cultivating the highest capacity of human life so that we may live a complete, happy life.

O Sensei explains how, by using the lens of the ancient Kototama Principle, we can return to the real source of human life, the innermost substance in order to bring about  the highest order of human civilization on this Earth.

Presenting the Writings of

Mikoto Masahilo Nakazono 


Hinomoto no Mikoto Masahilo Nakazono, O Sensei (1918-1994)

Author M. M. Nakazono presents the ancient life principle of Kototama Futomani, describing the essential sound vibrations which underlie all universal phenomena, and how this applies to human life.  Beginning with Naka-Ima, or “here-now,” O Sensei explains the 5 Dimenesions of human capacity as a means to practice and return to one’s original capacity, or substance.

(1984) – 119 pages, with illustrations & sound practice instruction included at end of text.

Kototama Sound Card and Instructions for sound practice are included free with purchase of this text.

Front cover of My Past Way of Budo by M. M. Nakazono

A collection of his essays, My Past Way of Budo relays stories of O Sensei’s journey from student to sensei along his lifelong study, practice, and accomplishement in Aikido, as well as his insights into the Kototama Principle.

Included is a compelling essay from his elder son, a master healer and Sensei  in his own right, Dr. K. K. Nakazono.

(1979) – 101 pages. Sound charts in 3 orders, with brief instructions, are included within the text.

Kototama Sound Card and Instructions for sound practice are included free with purchase of this text.

Renowned Master Healer and Doctor of Oriental Medicine, O Sensei inspired the first acupuncture practice act in the U.S. Here, he explains the Kototama Principle in relation to Asian medical therapies for  practitioners and public alike. 

Included are photos and explanations of his self-healing exercises, dietary and many other methods for helping restore oneself to health.

(1992, rev. 2001) – 71 pages. 

Kototama Sound Card and Instructions for sound practice are included free with purchase of this text.

Cover of The Source of the Present Civilization, by M. M. Nakazono

The Source of the Present Civilization is the author’s most current explanation of the Kototama Principle.  Connecting ancient times to the present day, O Sensei explains how the 50 sound rhythms of the Kototama Principle are key to moving into the next civilization of humanity. [On BACKORDER]

(1990) – 243 pages, with illustrations of ancient maps, alphabets, and symbols.

Kototama Sound Card and Instructions for sound practice are included free with purchase of this text.

The Source of the Old and New Testament front cover

The Source of the Old and New Testaments examines the biblical scriptures through the viewpoint of the Kototama Principle. O Sensei explains the deeper meanings of the teaching stories preserved and handed down to mankind through history.

​(1990) – 243 pages. Illustrations of ancient maps, alphabets, symbols.

Kototama Sound Card and Instructions for sound practice are included free with purchase of this text.


Kototama Sounds practice card

Kototama Sound Cards, created by the author especially for sound practice.  Included are the 50 Kototama Sounds in the three orders: Amatsu Kanagi, Amatsu Sugaso, and Amatsu Futonorito. Included are the Iso Kami Shrine-47 Sounds, 32 Child Sounds, and Kotoba Misogi Halai prayer chants.  

These lovely Sound Cards are printed on high quality, bi-fold card stock, in full color. The traditional Kanji script has been penned above each of the 50 Kototama Sounds by the author. Sound practice instructions included.

This two-sided practice card for Kototama Sound practice was designed by O Sensei. Image shows back side only.


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