Kototama Sounds practice card

Kototama Sound Card

$ 7.50

50 Kototama Sounds are presented in the three orders, and feature kanji script penned by O Sensei Nakazono (on reverse side from image shown). Kototama prayer chants included (image shown). Sound practice instruction card is included with purchase.

These lovely, Kototama Sound Cards are printed in full color on high quality card stock. Included are the 50 Kototama Sounds in Amatsu Kanagi, Amastu Sugaso, and Amastu Futonorito orders, the Iso Kami Shrine-47 Sounds-prayer, the 32 Child Sounds, and the Kotoba Misogi Halai. These cards make a beautiful, visual focal point for sound practice. Instruction card included. Contact us for bulk pricing options (10 or more.)