Kototama Sounds practice card

Kototama Sound Card (one included free in each order, excluding sales)

$ 2.75

Kototama Sound Cards are printed in full color on high quality card stock.These cards were designed by the author to support the practice of the Kototama Sounds (“word soul”, “sacred sound vibration”, or “creative sound rhythm”)  as a means of purification in order to return to one’s own, pure substance. At his request, this Sound Card, along with instructions for practice, are provided free for each purchaser. Additional cards may be ordered at cost, which supports reprinting.  

Each card features Kanji script penned by O Sensei Nakazono when he designed the cards to share with readers.

Author M.M. Nakazono urged sound practice for purification of inner perception in order to see reality clearly.

Included for practice are the 50 Kototama Sounds in Amatsu Kanagi, Amastu Sugaso, and Amastu Futonorito orders, the Iso Kami Shrine-47 Sounds-prayer, the 32 Child Sounds, and the Kotoba Misogi Halai.  A detailed instructional card explains the formation and pronunciation of sounds and the way to practice.

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