My Past Way of Budo

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A collection of essays written by the author relaying endearing stories and deep insight from his journey along the path of Aikido and study of the Kototama Principle. Included is a compelling essay for practitioners from his elder son, also a master of Aikido, Kototama Life Therapy and Asian medicine, Dr. K. Nakazono, Sensei. See Description below for more information.

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Mikoto Masahilo Nakazono (1918 - 1994).

For many years in Japan, O Sensei Nakazono studied Aikido directly from its founder, Uyeshiba Sensei. Inspired to bring Aikido to the rest of the world, O Sensei opened the first dojo outside of Japan in Singapore in 1958. Later, after serving as martial arts consultant to South Vietnam, Sensei continued teaching across Europe, North Africa, and the US. By 1972, Sensei had over 40,000 Aikido and Natural Therapy students.  (1978) - 101 pages. Kototama Sound practice charts included in body of text, and one Sound Card as a gift with every purchase. ISBN 0-9716674-0-3.