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Materialistic Viewpoint of Modern Society

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With the hiding of the true principle, humanity fell into the dimension of animals. Its knowledge and skills were those of survival. A competitive society was created, in which one had to fight to survive, and it was natural for the strong to devour the weak.

This is still our society today. Using one’s intellect to have an edge is exactly the same thing as physical fighting. Human interest has been redirected and human knowledge shaped for this direction. Human activity has followed. That is the only way to change the civilization.

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Humanity was separated into nations; each group try to make the best possible society for themselves by destroying whatever stood in the way. The killing of one’s enemies has never brought Security to anyone. It’s simply does not work, and it has become madness to think it does.

Materialistic outlook cannot make people understand the real, inner sense of the final truth – the pure essence of the self as life. The scientific viewpoint is limited to an intellectual understanding. It sees truth from the outside. Everyone can agree about the external appearance of phenomena, but that does not give us their inner sense.

Scientific truth can convince anyone. Most people agree on the theory of black holes in space, for example, but no one understands their nature. We cannot enter there. The black hole is the source from which springs our life-will, the creator of space and time. We can look at it from the outside, but we cannot see into its center.

It is our poor self; the source of human life is inside a black hole. As long as we look at it from the outside, we have only a relative you of it. To know it as our self, we must go into the black hole that is inside of us.

The Source of the Present Civilization (pages 224-226), 1990.


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