“Our ancestors are all happy that we are here. We could not exist, physically or spiritually, without the roots from which we’ve sprung; we cannot ignore our physical and spiritual beginnings. Our spiritual ancestors, although not of the physical world, nevertheless materialize in the human body. All material existence was created first in a priori, from the void. This means our physical ancestors passed through the void a million years ago, just as we have today. In the absolute void, there is no time or space.

When you step back far enough into yourself, you will come to the void, having no beginning or end. It is the center of the universe and the self manifests from there to here-now.  

Theoretical science recognizes the void as the “center” of the physical universe, yet it is also the source of our own being. If we can recognize who is I AM, we will see our own creation, second by second, manifesting from there to here-now.”


An excerpt from My Past Way of Budo, by M.M. Nakazono. Available for purchase here.

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Photo credits-image by Alexander Antropov from Pixabay