Naka-Ima (“Here-Now”)

Naka-Ima (“Here-Now”)

“Naka-Ima is the time and space where the capacity of human life manifests. It is translated as Here-Now, but the sounds of here-now are different, giving them a somewhat different meaning.

This is the beginning point where the Kototama practicant, standing in Naka-Ima (here-now), starts the search of all phenomena. It is the time and space of a priori phenomenal universe, just manifesting as a priori human capacity.

The truth cannot be grasped by any other means. To stand on Naka-Ima seems simple, but it is not easy to do.”


Excerpted from the chapter “Naka-Ima,” from “Inochi-The Book of Life” (M.M. Nakazono, 1984).

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