One Source

One Source

What these ancient people could grasp was that the total action of the life of the universe, and that of human life have one source.

It was with this understanding that the human beings of the ancient times created a civilization. All over the world, that time has been preserved in symbolic form through myths, prophecies, philosophies, religions, etc. The original principles of natural therapy, as found in the old documents, are part of this legacy. They are the most important documents to guide, modern civilization back to the way of truth.

In the ancient documents, the manner and terminology of the text are far from scientific, so a literal translation would be incomprehensible to the modern mind. To explain their contents, therefore, I shall borrow from the language of science, in order to translate their meaning.

All universal life and its physical manifestation are from one source. Its activity constantly changes, but it can never be made less; the sum total of life energy remains permanently unchanged.

The Real Sense of Natural Therapy (page 17), 1992. 

Two Viewpoints of Humanity

Two Viewpoints of Humanity

The physical and spiritual senses give us two opposite ways of grasping phenomena. The memory of these experiences creates two different forms of knowledge. The only way to reconcile both viewpoints is to recognize that they are the front and back of the same activity. As long as the unifying principle of Futonolito remains hidden, mankind can only steer from one to the other until both have reached completion.

Their conflict goes on at every second, in each and everyone of us. One moment, we act according to materialistic considerations, and the next, according to our spiritual aspirations. We see the same phenomenon from different angles, without ever recognizing it.

In the process, mankind suffers and struggles through an awful confusion.The Kototama Principal can show up clearly this hopeless process. The apparent contradictions in which we live are only a priori energies, expressed through various human capacities. Every one of our desires and feelings, from the most basic need to the very desire of seeking our own source, is the expression of the life rhythms.

These rhythms cannot be grasped by the objective, scientific viewpoint and yet, when an individual is perfectly aligned with his own source, the sounds he speaks are the true language, the exact rhythms of his life activity.

We are not aware of it, but the a priori rhythms are expressed in a posteriori, in different orders. Each of these orders manifests a different capacity, and a different level of consciousness. I have explained several times in this book the contents of the Kanagi [physical/material] and Sugaso [spiritual] principles. It should be enough to give the order of the mother dimensions: if we realized the source of our own life, both expressions would become perfectly obvious.

The Source of the Old and New Testament  1990 (pgs 189-190)