One Source

One Source

What these ancient people could grasp was that the total action of the life of the universe, and that of human life have one source.

It was with this understanding that the human beings of the ancient times created a civilization. All over the world, that time has been preserved in symbolic form through myths, prophecies, philosophies, religions, etc. The original principles of natural therapy, as found in the old documents, are part of this legacy. They are the most important documents to guide, modern civilization back to the way of truth.

In the ancient documents, the manner and terminology of the text are far from scientific, so a literal translation would be incomprehensible to the modern mind. To explain their contents, therefore, I shall borrow from the language of science, in order to translate their meaning.

All universal life and its physical manifestation are from one source. Its activity constantly changes, but it can never be made less; the sum total of life energy remains permanently unchanged.

The Real Sense of Natural Therapy (page 17), 1992. 

The Pure “I AM”

The Pure “I AM”

“Perfect synchronization inside and outside…. perfect order coming out. In order to have this you must be able to perfectly synchronize, actually become one with what you are meeting.

So, we must be able to harmonize this way with the a priori world and to manifest that harmony with our a posteriori physical phenomenal world.

Unless we can do this, we can never become the pure I AM; we will never feel complete; we will always be separate from our true self.”

-M.M. Nakazono, November 19, 1875

From The Guide to INOCHI (Life) Medicine (1985).

Photo Credits: Image by Udo Schroeter from Pixabay