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Our new website is now complete! Kototama Books has been in existence for several decades, preserving and publishing the works of O Sensei M.M. Nakazono and keeping this treasured, ancient knowledge available to the public.

During the summer of 2020, work was undertaken to give Kototama Books an updated website in order to make purchasing an easier experience for the readers. Our continuing Mission is to continue to make this work available around the world.

There are five titles currently available, which the author himself chose for distribution to the public. These books share O Sensei’s depth of understanding and insights gained over a lifetime of deep study, serious practice, and generously teaching in the realms of Aikido, Natural Medicine, and the original life rhythms of the Kototama Principle.

Special thanks is offered to all those who have contributed to the founding and continuation of Kototama Books, in order to preserve the teachings and writings of O Sensei M.M. Nakazono.

Kototama Books would like to particularily thank Dr. Richard Rosenbaum for his work and dedication in setting up the original website, which operated for over two decades under the dedicated care of Brian and Seie Brigham, long time publishers and students of O Sensei’s work. Many dedicated senior students offered their work and support to produce O Sensei’s books over the decades, and special thanks is offered to Sarai Saporta, Nikos Colias, Juliette Bouchery, Scott Gerber, and John Tuttle for their work in the production of O Sensei’s books.

Many senior students themselves became teachers and have passed on the legacy of Kototama Life Medicine/Inochi Life Therapy, Aikido, and Kototama Sound Practice to hundreds of students around the world. To each of them, too many to name, the deepest recognition and heartfelt gratitude for their vision, dedication, and real accomplishment in preserving the way of O Sensei’s mission and teachings. To everyone who has participated as a teacher, a student, a patient, or a reader, thank you very much.

There have also been many generous hearted, talented people who have worked diligently to translate the works of O Sensei into languages around the world in order to make these precious teachings available to the peoples of all the world. Some titles were translated into Spanish and French. Currently all the books are being translated into German, with deep thanks to Mr. Pierre Kynast. Other translations are underway in Hungarian as well. To all those who typed, organized, translated, published, and volunteered their work, you are deeply appreciated. Thank you.

Finally, a special note of gratitude for Sensei J. Akehiko Tavernier and Madam Marie Hime Berrou, and the students in France for carrying on O Sensei’s mission in France, and making his works available in French and Spanish.

In the words of O Sensei at the final Jizo Bosatsu monthly ceremony of gratitude for our physical and spiritual ancestors, “Keep your good health, healthy spirit, and happy daily life please. Wherever I go, I pray for that.”


Excerpt Posts are translated for the benefit our international readers, so far into: Français, Deutsch, Magyar, 日本語, & Español. 

Comments welcome following the translations.


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