Our new website is now complete! Kototama Books has been in existence for several decades, keeping the works of O Sensei M.M. Nakazono available to the public. During the summer of 2020, work was undertaken to give Kototama Books a fresh look, make purchasing an easier experience, and reach a wider audience for O Sensei’s books. There are five titles currently available, which the author himself chose for distribution to the public. These books share O Sensei’s depth of understanding and insights gained over a lifetime of deep study and serious practice in the realms of Aikido, Natural Medicine, and the original life rhythms of the Kototama Principle.

Special thanks is offered to all those who have contributed to the founding and continuation of Kototama Books, in order to preserve the teachings and writings of O Sensei M.M. Nakazono.

Kototama Books would like to thank Mr. Steve Karr, website designer/host, for his expertise and generous assistance in setting up the more technical aspects of the new website. Further thanks are due to Dr. Richard Rosenbaum for his work and dedication in setting up the original website, which operated for over two decades under the loving care of Brian and Seie Brigham, past publishers and distributors for O Sensei’s books. While many other dedicated senior students offered their work and support to produce O Sensei’s books over the decades, a special thanks is also offered to Sarai Saporta, Nikos Colias, Juliette Bouchery, Scott Gerber, and John Tuttle for their work in the production of O Sensei’s books. Finally, a note of gratitude for Sensei J. Akehiko Tavernier, for carrying on O Sensei’s mission in France, and making his works available in French.