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Naka-Ima (“Here-Now”)

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“Naka-Ima is the time and space where the capacity of human life manifests. It is translated as Here-Now, but the sounds of here-now are different, giving them a somewhat different meaning.

This is the beginning point where the Kototama practicant, standing in Naka-Ima (here-now), starts the search of all phenomena. It is the time and space of a priori phenomenal universe, just manifesting as a priori human capacity.

The truth cannot be grasped by any other means. To stand on Naka-Ima seems simple, but it is not easy to do.”


Excerpted from the chapter “Naka-Ima,” from “Inochi-The Book of Life” (M.M. Nakazono, 1984).

For further reading, see Inochi- The Book of Life, at www.kototamabooks.com.

All rights reserved by copyright. No portion of this text may be used or copied without written permission from the publisher, Kototama Books. Reprinted here with permission of the publisher. Contact [email protected].

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